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Lapidary Art: Basic Jewelry Photography


The camera
To take 35mm slides any basic 35mm manual camera can be used. This is an old Chinon CM-5. I also use a Pentex K-1000 (a good beginner camera). You will also need a macro lense. This is a 100mm Macro by Vivitar. A 50mm macro also works but is harder to find. Look for one that has 1:1 capabilities for close ups. The wire attached to the top is a cable release. Because the pictures are taken at a slow speed, any movement of the camera during the shot creates blurring. The cable release allows you to shoot the picture without touching the camera. The camera should also be securely attached to a tripod. The film shown is 64 speed Tungsten slide film and is compatible with this lighting set up. I also use a Mavica FD-88 digital camera for many pictures on this site.



Basic Jewelry Photography
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